If you would like to make alterations to your current property, such as changing the colour of the walls, or replacing the flooring with new carpet, you must put your request in writing first. You can use the form below to provide the information we need. We'll then make an assessment and seek permission from the landlord. You'll then receive a document through DocuSign titled 'Decorations & Alterations Agreement' which will explain what you can and cannot do.

Please be aware that if you make alterations to your property without prior written confirmation from your landlord, you could be liable for any work required to put the property back to it's original condition.  

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Property Address
Please include as much detail as possible e.g, rooms affected, materials used etc.
In all cases, the work will need to be carried out to a professional standard. Please include details of who and how the work will be carried out.
Will you be returning the property back to it's original condition.
e.g, if you're painting a room blue for a child's room, will you be painting it back to a more neutral colour.