Private Landlords Vs. Regulated Agents

If you're looking to rent a house or a flat, you may be wondering about the difference between those properties which are managed by a private landlord and those which are managed by an agent. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Private Landlords

While there are good private landlords out there, and we work with some of the best, there is no guarantee that the person responsible for looking after your tenancy will be someone who is hands-on and who looks after their tenants; it is quite possible that they will not be. Unfortunately, some private landlords are only interested in collecting the rent and show little interest or concern towards their tenants. While some may level the same accusation at property agents, at least when using an agency you will have access to a redress scheme, and you will be able to check out their reviews online before you sign on the dotted line. A private landlord may also be unaware of their legal responsibilities to their tenants, and can be difficult to get in touch with.

Regulated Agents

A regulated agent, such as Property Genius, will be a member of ARLA Propertymark, which means that we are kept up-to-date with current regulations and are not just using past experience and common sense to guide how our rental properties are managed! All of the properties managed by Property Genius are compliant with the latest laws.

It is typically much easier to report any maintenance issues relating to a rental property to an agency, as they will have very clear reporting procedures in place. If you opt to rent from a private landlord, all you are likely to receive is a mobile number which they may (or may not) answer. A property agent will also have a network of trusted tradesmen, which they can draw on at short notice to complete urgent work.

While visits from the landlord may seem like a pain, they are a vital part of keeping a property well maintained. Though a private landlord is less likely to visit your property to carry out an inspection, they are also more likely to miss vital repair work which needs completing.

A property agent will always carry out a detailed inventory of every item in the property, and its condition. Provided that you do not cause any damage to the property which is beyond what could be classed as wear and tear, you can be confident that your deposit will be returned at the end of your tenancy. A private landlord may not carry out a detailed inventory before you move into the property, which could lead to you being held liable for damage you did not cause.

An agent has a very strong motive for providing an excellent service to their clients. One reason a property agency grows and prospers is because of the reviews which satisfied customers provide. However, a private landlord is less reliant on good reviews, and so may not be as concerned about the level of service they provide.