I would like to swap a person in my tenancy. What do I do?

Sometimes as a household you might be in a situation where one tenant would like to move out, but there is someone else ready to replace them back to back. This process is similar to adding a new person to a tenancy as we previously covered, but there are some additional steps that would need to be taken concerning the deposit.

The first step would be to get in touch and inform us or your landlord of the situation as the permission would first need to be granted. The new tenant would need to be referenced and pay the standard fee which would include:

  • affordability checks
  • current landlord reference (if relevant)
  • credit history checks
  • right to rent in the UK checks

Once the reference has been completed and the landlord is happy to proceed, it would be a case of agreeing to a date for the change over between tenants. This would be much more convenient if this occurred on the day before the rent is due, though apportioning the rent would be possible.

Prior to the moving in date, a new contract would have to be drawn up to incorporate anyone staying in the property together with the new tenants. 

One of the main issues with swapping out tenants mid tenancy is making a suitable assessment of the condition of the property. Because the property is part occupied, a fully conditioned inventory cannot be obtained accurately, and therefore one cannot be taken. Instead, we would use the original check-in inventory carried out at the start of the original tenancy as a baseline. The new tenant is invited to read through this document and make sure they are satisfied themselves that it's a fair and accurate representation of the property from when they took over. They will need to make sure themselves that if they feel the property has suffered some damage prior to them taking occupancy, they make arrangements themselves with the current outgoing occupants with any reimbursements. This is because, at the end of the new tenancy, when all tenants have vacated, the tenants considered responsible will be the last tenants to vacate the property.

To help mitigate any issues, the new tenant is asked to sign a waiver which states they are satisfied with the condition of the property save for fair & tear as shown in the original check out inventory. 

Arrangements can be made to return part of the deposit on the basis the same is paid in full from the new tenant. This must be paid before any funds are refunded to the outgoing tenant.