I want to add a person to my tenancy. What do I do?

A tenancy agreement is a contract between a tenant and a landlord so the process of moving a new person into a property is a bit more involved, if they too wish to become part of that contract. In addition, there is a clause in our tenancy agreement which reads:

Not to sublet, take in lodgers or paying guests, without the prior consent of the Landlord or his Agent. (In order to avoid misunderstandings or disputes later, it is strongly recommended that the Tenant obtains confirmation in writing of any such consent granted). The Landlord or his Agent reserves the right to withdraw, on reasonable grounds and upon reasonable notice, any such consent previously given. 

Before a tenancy started, the first step would have been to carry out referencing checks to ensure that person could be a suitable tenant. These checks included:

  • affordability
  • current landlord reference (if relevant)
  • credit history
  • right to rent in the UK

So, for a new person to be included in the tenancy agreement, these checks must also be carried out and paid for to ensure there are no issues. Once these checks have been completed, then a new contract can be drawn up to include the other person.