Bailiffs have arrived at the door for someone else’s debt

Before bailiffs arrive, you should have received a letter called a ‘Notice of Enforcement’ explaining they would be visiting - this is the first step you’ll need to take before anyone actually arrives at the door.

Phone or write to both the enforcement agency and the creditor named on the letter. Tell them you’re not the person named on the notice and include evidence as such.

Evidence you should send

You can find their address on the notice of enforcement. You could send any of these things:

  • your council tax bill from the last 3 months
  • your bank or building society statement from the last 3 months
  • a benefit letter from the last 3 months

It’s best to send copies of your documents not the originals. It would be worth while including a copy of your tenancy agreement. Send your letter and evidence by recorded delivery if you can. Keep a copy of your letter and any reply you get in case you need it later.

What NOT to do

  • do not ignore the letter - it won’t go away
  • do not mark the letter as ‘return to sender’ - they will assume you’re the debtor avoiding the debt.