Should I sign the Check Out Inventory?

One of the most frequently misunderstood components is the Check Out Inventory. This is where we produce another highly detailed inventory at the end of the tenancy, same as before, once the property is vacant and the keys have been handed back. Our role is to document the condition of everything we see which would include any issues found at the start of the tenancy that wasn't resolved or rectified (such as marks on the carpet or walls). The Inventory may also have extra issues mentioned such as additional marks or abandoned items such as cleaning products or coat hangers.

Even if the property is found with extra issues, this does not mean you are liable, as we must account for fair wear and tear. The purpose of signing the report is to verify it is accurate, nothing more. We can't stress this enough, it is going to show issues that were at the start of the tenancy.

Only then, once the Check Out Inventory is signed, do we look at the Check In, and Check Out inventory side by side and compare, page by page. We use our judgement to see if issues were present at the start of the tenancy. Clearly, if issues were present at the start of your tenancy, then you won't be charged for them.

It's understandable for tenants to be nervous when presented with an inventory that lists a lot of defects, but they really needn't be. An inventory with defects is not a statement staying they are liable - far from it.