When will my issue get resolved?

It depends on the situation. If there are vulnerable occupiers in the property (children under 5, elderly, disabled etc) and the issue is lack of heating or hot water, we'll do all we can to ensure a contractor visits the same day. Otherwise, we'll respond as quickly as possible during normal working hours. Your confirmation email will confirm to you our estimated resolution times.

As we use separate contractors to resolve any issue, we aren't in control of their schedules. We can't say for sure when they can be booked in, instead, we rely on them contacting you to arrange a time they can visit. 

It would be reasonable to expect a call to schedule a visit within 48 hours of your issue being reported. The time it takes for issues to be resolved varies depending on the issue. Some issues can be fixed right away whereas others may require parts to be ordered, and so could take longer. Other, more involved work may require us to get multiple quotes for the landlord and so could take longer still. In any event, it is our duty to ensure we rectify any issue as quickly as reasonably possible.