In the past, Wythenshawe has been unfairly characterised as the ‘largest council estate in the UK’. Not only is this factually incorrect, but it also suggests that the area isn’t going anywhere fast. In fact, Wythenshawe one of the few areas in Manchester where prices are still affordable.


According to Zoopla, the average property price in Wythenshawe is £154,635, which stands in stark contrast to an average price of £206,734 across the rest of the city. Last year, the average house price in Wythenshawe increased by £4,000, which shows how the local property market is starting to heat up.

Housing Stock

Wythenshawe contains a variety of housing stock, which means there's property which is suitable for families, young professionals and the buy-to-let market. There are rows of Victorian terraced houses which have an average price of just £129,876, while a semi-detached property will cost around £144,707. Modern apartments and new-build developments are also available in the local area, although these typically cost around £200,000.

Transport Links

The primary reason that Wythenshawe is tipped to become a property hotspot is the amount of investment which is planned for the area. In 2014, a new MetroLink line opened, linking Manchester Airport with the city centre. There are several stations on this line in the Wythenshawe area such as Benchill, Crossacres, Wythenshawe Town Centre, Robinswood Road, Peel Hall and Shadowmoss. Trams run every 12 minutes into the city centre and towards the airport. The £280m expansion of Manchester Airport is also expected to create new jobs which will provide a further boost to the local economy. Wythenshawe also offers easy access to the M60 and M56 motorway which connect the area with Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and North Wales.

Local Schools

The Wythenshawe area is home to several primary schools which perform very well during Ofsted inspections. For example, Northenden Community School was judged to be ‘outstanding’ by inspectors, who awarded it top marks after a visit last year. For secondary education, St Paul’s Catholic High School, Manchester Health Academy and Manchester Enterprise Academy have all received positive Ofsted reports.

Local Amenities

Wythenshawe has something for everyone. Covering 109 hectares, nearby Wythenshawe Park is one of the largest green spaces in Manchester. The park includes a community farm which is open to the public and is home to cows, goats, pigs, sheep, horses and ducks. The park also contains Wythenshawe Hall, a 16th-century manor house which is currently being restored after a fire, so it can be opened to the public once again. If you fancy a night out, the Tatton Arms is a traditional pub owned by Robinsons Brewery. Alongside local ale, the pub also serves a range of classic British dishes. If you have children, the nearby Norbrook Youth Club is open to boys and girls aged 8 to 18. If you want to venture further afield, the Metrolink makes it easy to get into Manchester city centre.

If you're looking to buy an affordable property with great transport links and local amenities, then Wythenshawe could be the place for you.

Landlords and Sellers: Checking your current marketing performance.

Ever wondered how your property is performing up against other properties on the market? Just how successful is your property advertising in attracting viewers? Here's a quick guide to decoding the figures on your weekly property performance report.

So, after all the discussions about demand, market appeal and recent similar local properties, you've reached a decision about what price point you'd like to market your property. Coupled with all the photos and floor plan your agent has taken, your property is now on the market, together with tens, possibly hundreds of others. Rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, wouldn't it be better if you could find out useful information?

  • How many times has my property been shown in search results?
  • How many people have seen the details of my listing?
  • How much attention is my property getting?

Our Solution

For each property advertised, we send a report to our landlords and sellers each week detailing just how we're doing with the marketing to better understand the level of interest there is, and crucially what we might need to do to be more effective. The report shows the number of times a property was viewed on Rightmove together with the level of enquiries from prospective tenants and buyers. In addition, you can compare the level of interest a property has compared to all the properties we are currently marketing and against our branch average as well. These indicators are ideal for exploring the status of the property versus your local market.

How much interest is your property getting?

The graph shows the number of views your property has received on Rightmove over time. That means the number of visitors who have landed on your property’s full detail page. 

This report gives you an excellent guide to the level of interest your property has received, particularly when compared against other properties’ performance.

Essentially, the more times your property’s full detail page is viewed, the more likely we are to receive an enquiry from a buyer or tenant.

Why does a property’s performance change over time?

When a property is first loaded to Rightmove, it is sent out in alert emails to potential buyers and tenants who are looking in your area. All Rightmove listings tend to see a fall in views after this initial spike, so it’s then about us working with you to generate as many detail views as possible by keeping the advert fresh and regularly checking that its price is in line with the market.

The performance graph highlights any changes we have made to your property listing and the subsequent impact of those changes on the number of people viewing your property’s detail page.

If you have any questions about the marketing of your property, or if you’d like to discuss how we could generate more detail views, please do not hesitate to call us on 01625 836422


Example of Weekly Property Performance Report

Example of Weekly Property Performance Report

How to Pick the Right Estate Agent

One of the trickiest things about selling your home is picking the right agent. There can be major differences in costs and benefits, so you should plan to do some careful thinking and research before making your choice. Tempting as it maybe to go with the agent that seems most popular, here are some key areas to consider:


For most people selling their home, the cost will be among the most important criteria when choosing an estate agent. Fees do vary widely, so you will want to a thorough comparison of agents in your area.

Most agents charge a percentage fee of the sale price of your home. According to the HomeOwners Alliance, these fees typically range from 0.75 to 3.0 per cent plus VAT, with the national average being 1.8 per cent plus VAT.

You should also remember to ask about other charges that are not included in the estate agent’s fee. Some agents will consider certain marketing features (like 360-degree photos or floor plans) as add-ons, and charge you extra – so be sure you know up front exactly what your agent fee is paying for.


While cost is an important consideration, perhaps even more crucial is your agent’s marketing strategy. This can make a big difference in how long your home stays on the market, and even how much it sells for in the end.

You should ask up front which portals your agent advertises on, and why. Listings on the main portals tend to cost a bit more, but they make up for it in sheer volume of visitors, since they get tens of millions per month. Given that 95% of property searches start on Rightmove, you're agent is going to need to be listing with them.

Another factor to consider is are they able to market your property effectively and in the best light? Good property adverts will have:

  • Good leading photo enticing potential tenants or buyers in
  • Good full descriptive text explaining what makes the property a great home
  • Descriptive text of rooms and its contents, especially useful for furnished rented properties
  • Complete set of photographs 
    • Wide angle showing the space
    • Correct light adjustments taking into account artificial light
    • Currently oriented images (landscape, always!)
  • Detailed floor plans

Once the property is listed, it's the agents job to make sure they are available for viewings at times to suit tenants and buyers. Are they able to accommodate early evening viewings, weekends or short notice enquiries? All these factors will affect whether your potential tenants or buyers choose your property or someone else's. 

The Contract (Sales)

This can be the most confusing part of agent shopping for many homeowners, as there are a number of options. Here are the main ones:

Ready, willing and able purchaser: This is the most constricting contract for sellers, and is generally not a good idea. If you sign this type of contract, you owe the agent a fee for finding a buyer whether or not you sell the home in the end.

Sole selling rights: This contract is also a bit limiting.It means only the agent has the right to sell your home during a given period. So even if you find your own buyer, you will end up paying the agent fees.

Sole agency: This option limits you to one agency, but it allows you to sell without paying any fees to your estate agent if you find your own buyer.

Multi agency: By far the most flexible option, this allows you to use any number of agents, while only paying one commission (to whichever agent sells your property in the end). These contracts are a boon for sellers because multiple agents increase your chances of finding the buyer that is right for you. They do, however, tend to come with higher fees.

Advantages of an online agent

Because they do not have hefty bricks-and-mortar and overhead charges, online agents are able to charge lower fees, so it will cost you less to sell your home. In addition, online agents tend to be better versed in the world of e-marketing, so your home may be sold faster, and the process could result in a better deal. As a final advantage, you will also typically be able to track your home’s sale process easily with a 24/7 online log-in.

Show your Garden some Love – and Sell your Property Faster

A well-kept, good looking garden can get your property off the market quicker than just about anything else. There is nothing more appealing for a home than to have some nice, manicured green spaces to look out on or sit in – and if the property you are selling has a front garden, it will play a big role in the first impressions of those coming to view the place.

That is why it makes sense for you as a a home owner to take good care of your property’s garden, and to try to make it as appealing as possible for potential buyers. Here are some ways to do so:

1. Focus on Flowers

Green is nice. But it can be even nicer when broken up with well-placed dashes of other colours. So planting flowers, or investing in flowering plants and bushes, can go a long way to giving your garden some extra impact. When arranging flowers and plants, it is a good idea to group them by colour or type of foliage. This gives different areas of your garden a 'theme', producing a pleasant, eye-catching effect that's relatively easy to pull off.

2. Weed, Weed, Weed

Having an attractive, colourful garden is Step 1. Step 2 is taking care of it. If your garden is messy and overgrown with weeds, then it makes for a presentation that is almost worse than no garden at all. So once your beautiful garden is all in place, make sure you weed it regularly. A word to the wise; getting the right mulch can deter weeds from growing, which means you will have to get down and dirty less often, and it can also lend your garden an extra bit of vitality.

3. Decorate and Accessorise

A beautiful garden depends on more than just the plants found in it. You also have to make sure that the non-living features contribute to the garden’s overall vibe. For that reason, think carefully when choosing your potting containers. They should be attractive and durable (as opposed to the brown plastic variety that come free with plants), but also need to fit in to the larger aesthetic of the garden. In other words, you should make sure they complement rather than clash with your flower arrangements. The same goes for any sort of garden furniture. It should blend with your garden’s existing themes. If you're happy with your furniture and pots, a nice added touch to consider is garden art.

Of course, getting your property off the market depends on a lot more than having a nice green space out front. However, a good looking garden can often be the factor that seals the deal, so it is worth putting in some time and effort to get yours in shape.

For those landlords looking to spruce up a tired looking garden in the Stockport region, two good options are Marple, one of the Wyevale Garden Centres, or the Brookside Garden Centre on London Road. In terms of maintenance and managements, we have a contractors ready to tend your garden at regular intervals to make sure it's always looking it's best.