5 Top Tips When Looking to Buy A New Home

There's no denying it, browsing new homes is exciting and sometimes, it's easy to get carried away. Booking excessive viewings is something we often see but it can lead to 'buyers fatigue', and ultimately, your dream of a new home will stay just that. If you're serious about moving home, check out these 5 tips:

Make a Plan... and Stick To It!

It is a good idea before you go looking, to draw up a list of must-haves and list of wants, and try to be as discriminating as possible about what goes on the first one. Decide on a suitable location and stick to it. It's easy to know where a property is located and the surrounding area as all property listings come with a map and google street view lets you view the area from the street level - that's a great tool! Decided on the size of bedrooms need and don't consider properties that fall short of it, unless that's in your flexible category! 

Budget: make it realistic and just stick to it

It’s a stressful time, but also an exciting time – and you may be tempted to get carried away with all the possibilities: space, gardens, balconies, granite counter tops, location, etc. That’s great. You should dream big. But you should also know what you can realistically afford.

So the first thing to do when you are thinking of buying a home is some hard-line accounting. It’s okay to have a range: an ideal price, and then a price that you be able to cope with if you found your dream home. But the important thing is to rule out anything that is over your maximum limit. 

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s

Get yourself up to speed on what questions you need to ask the prospective seller or agent before the viewing. You need to go into every visit prepared. It's easy to do a lot of your research online before the viewing such as location, local amenities, distance for commute etc, all before you first step through the door. Consider calling the agent first and explaining what you're looking for. They've likely been to the property themselves and don't want to waste anyone's time so will be frank with you. Don't be afraid to ask! 

It’s also important to get any promises from the seller or estate agent in writing. In other words, everything that is agreed upon needs to go in the contract.

Think critically, but not too critically

It’s important to have a realistic idea about what you and your family need. Just because a certain property is extremely charming does not mean it's the right one for you. So make sure you bring your critical eye with you on visits.

However, not all estate agents and owners are the best at preparing their properties in an appealing way. So make sure you also have an eye on how the homes you view could be spruced up in a reasonably easy manner.

Be flexible

Okay, so you do need to stick to your budget, but it's also important to avoid being rigid in terms of what you want. Do you absolutely have to be in a given neighbourhood, for example, or is that just where you would prefer to live? It maybe the case that what might cost a bit more. If that's the case, you may have to make some sacrifices.

Stay calm

It’s all going to work out. If you do your due diligence, you will find the home you’re looking for at a price that is right for you. Remember that, and you will be able to move through this process in a way that is enjoyable and exciting!