Interior Design Tips to Get Your Property Moving

When it comes to renting your property quickly, there is one area that too often gets overshadowed by the old "location, location, location" philosophy: interior design. But it's well worth your time and money to focus a bit on sprucing up the property you are trying to rent out, so that your potential tenants see the very best of what you have got.

Also, it doesn’t take much to turn your rental property from a drab living space into a warm, comfortable home. Here are some tips for doing so.

Slap on a new coat of paint

Far and away the quickest, easiest, cheapest, and most effective thing you can do to make your property more attractive on the interior design front, is giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. This will brighten up any room provided you pick the right colour. Light blues and greens, as well as off-whites and creams are good choices for livening things up, and they also have broad appeal. Additionally, this step can do a lot to make your property feel more spacious.

Invest in good furniture

It looks nicer, but it also lasts longer. If you skimp on the furniture spending, it doesn’t mean you won’t pay the same amount in the long run. Budget furniture tends to break more easily, so you will probably find yourself having to replace it sooner. Solid, well-made furniture on the other hand will really last.

It also makes a major, noticeable difference in how your living spaces look. Now, on that front there's a good deal of room for manoeuvre. You’ll want to think about what kind of rental market you are targeting. Are you looking to rent to students? Families? Young professionals? The answer will largely determine the style of furniture you end up buying.

Focus on flooring

One area that might not spring to mind immediately, but that can make a major impact when it comes to making over your rental space, is the floor. There’s the obvious choice between wood flooring and carpets, and our advice nine times out of ten is to go with the first option.

There is nothing like quality wood floors to really enhance a living space. It also allows you to customise the room using rugs and other floor decorations. This way, you or your tenant can tailor it a bit.

If you do feel the need to go with carpeting, it is best to pick a neutral colour that goes with your walls. Do try to make sure it is something that doesn’t show stains very easily.

Pay attention to repairs

However you decorate your rental property, the most important thing is that you keep it up well. Don’t let damaged furniture, walls or flooring go untended to. You want anyone viewing your property to be wowed by how well it’s kept, not put off by any minor defects.

Do all this, and you should be able to get your property rented no matter where it is.