Tenants: What happens at the end of my tenancy?

If you're on a fixed term tenancy that's due to end, you might be wondering what options you have. This article sets out to explain the choices you'll have. 

Tenants and Landlords should expect to hear from us about 2 months before the end of the fixed term to find out what their intentions might be. In most cases, landlords are happy for tenancies to extend if there have been no issue so it's usually just a case of ensuring the tenant's circumstances haven't changed much. 

Confirming your choice

We send a document through DocuSign to all tenants detailing the various options and ask this is completed as soon as possible. These options are:

Option 1: Renew on New Fix Term Basis

This would mean you are bound by the same terms as before and neither party can serve notice before the fixed term end date. You could choose either a new 6 month agreement or a new 12 month agreement and the tenancy would perform the same way as it has done currently.

Option 2: Renew on a Statutory Periodic Basis

This would mean your current agreement would be allowed to continue on a month to month basis. If you would wish to leave the property at any time, you must serve written notice giving at least 30+ days from the day of the month the tenancy started. However for a landlord to serve notice, they must do so giving at least 60+ days written notice from the day of the month the tenancy started. (see Tenants Handing In Notice On Rolling Contracts)

Option 3: Vacate the Property / End the Agreement

If the intention is not to renew at the end of the fixed term, please select this option, and we’ll shortly send a check out instructions document together with useful information from the TDS outlining the procedure for the end of the tenancy.

other variables

  • Rent amount change: In some cases, the landlord may feel that the market has changed since the original contract was first drawn up, and may decide to increase the rent. If this is the case, a new tenancy agreement would be created on another fixed term basis. 
  • Vacate sooner: If you would like to vacate the property but not sure when your tenancy is up, contact us and we'll happily help. If your tenancy end date isn't for some time, you might find the article Surrendering your tenancy early useful.
  • Change in occupants: If you're in a joint tenancy and wish to alter the occupants, you might find the article I want to swap a person in my tenancy. What do I do? of help.