Romiley, Bredbury & Woodley

Working around in Manchester or Stockport does not mean you have to live your whole life in a busy commercial centre. There are plenty of towns in commuting distance that have great access to nature and the pleasures of country living, and two very attractive options are Romiley and Woodley. Here’s why...


1. Nature: The Peak District

Far and away one of the biggest draws of both Romiley and Woodley is that they serve as a kind of gateway to the Peak District. This means you can be an easy commute from your job in Stockport, and still have one of the country’s most beautiful national parks on your doorstep.

So, you can work in the city and take advantage of a world of outdoor activities. With over 200 square miles of open access land, the park offers endless amounts of trail walking, including the Pennine Way National Trail, a part of the E8 European Walking Route, which extends all the way to Turkey!

Additionally, Parsley Hay and Ashbourne, both 50 minutes to an hour from Romiley and just a few minutes farther from Woodley, have well-equipped cycle hire companies, ready to outfit you for some weekend joy-riding. Finally, for the most adventurous nature lovers, there are a number of campsites in the Peak District where you can pitch a tent and spend the night.

2. Convenience: Transport Links

But living in Romiley or Woodley isn’t just about the ease of getting outdoors; it’s also about being in the right spot for your commute – and if you happen to work in Stockport, you'll find both towns extremely convenient.

Woodley is about 15 minutes from Stockport on the 330 bus from Ashton, which leaves every 30 minutes during rush hours. For Romiley, take the 383 bus, which takes just under half an hour. Both buses drop you off at the city centre bus station, so you are likely to be an easy walk from work.

Additionally, Romiley is around 20 minutes from Manchester Piccadilly Station on the train, while Woodley to Manchester takes just 4 or 5 minutes longer, meaning that an evening out in the big city is easily doable.

3. The Towns Themselves

Romiley and Woodley are very well positioned between the city and the country, but they are also great places to call home.

Woodley has the scenic Peak Forest Canal running through it, and five lively pubs anchor the town’s nightlife. Young families will also have their choice of two excellent primary schools, Woodley Primary School and Greave School.

Meanwhile, Romiley boasts four historic conservation areas, protected by local official to preserve interesting aspects of the town’s architecture and history: the Barlow Fold, Chadkirk, Church Lane and Greave Fold. The Romiley Primary School is also an excellent educational institution.

Whether you have just landed a new job in Stockport or you have been working there for years, if you are missing nature and small-town life, moving to Romiley or Woodley is one of the best decisions you can make.

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