How to Spruce Up a Rental Property for Maximum Return

Every day that your rental property sits on the market means money lost that should be in your pocket. For this reason, it is important to be as efficient as possible in getting someone to move in.

Doing so is not just about creating a rental ad and responding quickly to prospective tenants; it’s also about presenting your property in a way that makes people want to live there. Here are some tips for how to do so.

1. Focus on the Exterior

The walk up to a property can often be make or break with regard to whether the potential renter ends up signing a lease. The outside of a rental building should make anyone thinking about moving think, "This is the kind of place I want to come home to every day."

So if you want to rent your property quickly, one of the first things to think about is whether the outside of the property really invites visitors in. You should make absolutely sure that there is no waste or debris in the street when you are showing the place. Make sure any greenery or garden is well kept; that means weeded, pruned and blooming, not overgrown and wilted.

Also, always put a fresh coat of paint on the front wall of the place, and make sure there are no broken shutters or windows anywhere. The roof may also require some attention and should look well taken care of.

2. Paint, Paint, Paint

We've talked about the outside, but the same goes for the inside. Paint can make all the difference to whether the property feels fresh, clean and liveable, or old, worn and uninviting. Be sure to get a nice new coat on every wall in key places like common spaces, the kitchen and primary bedrooms.

3. Don’t be Too Bold

If you want to rent your place quickly, you need to appeal to a wide audience. This means that you shouldn't make furniture and/or paint colour choices that are too particular to any one set of tastes. Find things that are neutral; those who are really adventurous in their tastes will know that they can give a makeover to the property once they have moved in.

4. Be Different

That said, you do need to distinguish yourself from the other places for rent in the area. Whatever advantages your property has that make it different to the neighbouring ones, be sure to highlight these when advertising the place or showing it to prospective tenants.

5. If Needed, Remodel

No landlord wants to undergo expensive works just to get their apartment rented. But sometimes, that's what it takes to get the place off the market, and doing so could save you time and money in the long run. So if the place is not attracting tenants quickly enough, you might want to consider upgrading the kitchen or the bathroom.

Never resort to letting your rental property stay empty. Take the steps needed to get someone living in it - and start collecting rent!