Surrendering your tenancy early

Sometimes as a tenant, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to end your tenancy early, but you're in a fixed term agreement. So is it possible to break your contract early? 

The short answer is yes, but only if your landlord agrees to the surrender of the tenancy. In almost all cases, this would mean the landlord would have additional costs to face as they would have to market the property to find new tenants, and possible void periods. This is something they want to avoid, and so quite often would agreed to end the tenancy early, provided these costs are covered by the tenant. 

Put simply, the tenant would be responsible for the landlords fees, and would be responsible for the rent up until the day before new tenants move in. 

There is a clause in our tenancy agreements which makes provisions for this potential situation which reads:

7.7 Should the Tenant wish to leave the property before the agreed termination date as set out in this agreement and the Landlord or his Agent agree in writing to a voluntary surrender of the lease subject to the terms set out herein then the Tenant shall be responsible for the rent and all other obligations as set out in this agreement until such time as a new tenant shall be found, approved and a new lease commenced and in addition shall be responsible for the payment of the Landlord's agreed letting agent's fees the amount to be advised. The Tenant will be responsible for the rent due and all other obligations under the terms of this agreement if the termination date set out in this agreement has been reached before a new tenant has been found and approved and a new tenancy agreement has been entered into; in which case the agent's fee will be refunded to the Tenant.

Once this surrender has been agreed in writing, we will then begin to market the property in the hope we can secure new tenants for you. You would still be responsible to pay the rent, even if you had vacated the property up until the day before a new tenancy starts, or the end of the tenancy, which ever is sooner.