Five Great Schools in the Wilmslow Area

With property values at an all-time high and still going up, many of us are thinking about where it is best to invest if we want to buy a home. One thing to consider is that there is an undeniable link between property values and the quality of local primary school education. Research has proven that areas with better schools also have higher property values, so that’s one thing to consider when you’re looking for a place to buy a home.

Primary Schools and Housing Prices

In fact, it's long been thought of as simple common sense that good schools and high house prices go hand in hand, but not until recent years was the idea backed up by science. A 2012 study by the Centre for the Economics of Education found that house prices go up significantly with improvements in average standardised test scores for a given district.

Five Great Primary Schools in the Wilmslow Area

The Wilmslow area offers abundant choices for great primary education. Here are just a few of the best options:

Lacey Green Primary School

An academy on Barlow Road, Lacey Green emphasises a "welcoming, calm and purposeful atmosphere, in which everyone feels comfortable and motivated, and takes pleasure in his or her learning." They also focus on developing self-discipline in their students and promoting "British values." The school got 95 points (out of 100) on the "Smart Rating" from the website It was especially highly ranked in terms of teacher quality.

Ashdene Primary School

Ashdene is a community school on Thoresway Road that says its core values make it "caring, respectful, inclusive and empowering." The school got an 89 in the Smart Rating and was labelled "outstanding" when it comes to "behaviour and safety of pupils."

Gorsey Bank Primary School

Also a community school with an 89 in the Smart Ranking, Gorsey Bank is located on Altrincham Road. The school’s motto is "Learning for Life" and so they aim to instil in their pupils a commitment to perpetual development, and a broadening of knowledge. According to their mission statement, "We aspire to be the very best that we can be, with a reputation for excellence... we embrace change, push boundaries and take risks. Our children will be emotionally intelligent individuals who can adapt to an ever-changing world."

Lindow Community Primary School

Lindow is a community school on Upcast Lane, and it has a score of 83 on the Smart Ranking. It lists as its most important aims, the development of:

  • "enquiring and imaginative minds (problem solving, divergent thinkers)"
  • "healthy attitudes to living"
  • "respect for themselves and others"
  • "team spirit and good sportsmanship"

With roughly 150 pupils, Lindow is also a relatively small school so provides an intimate community for its students.

St Anne's Fulshaw C of E Primary School

St. Anne’s is a voluntary controlled school affiliated with the Church of England and focuses on "high quality education." Located on Nursery Lane, they received a score of 82 in the latest Smart Ranking.

If you’re investing in a new home, it might a good idea to locate yourself near one of these excellent education establishments!