What are Joint & Severally Liable Tenants?

If you're sharing your property with someone else, you may have come across the term 'Joint and Several Liability. But what does it mean?

This is a common situation with many tenancies, for example where couples rent, or where friends rent together to share costs. It is also common in student areas  where three or four students may share a property. Contrary to popular belief, if you're sharing a property, the rent / bills / responsibility is not shared troughout the household.

Tenants names on the tennacy agreement are considered 'joint and severally liable' for the obligations of the tenancy, This means that each tenant is fully responsible for all the conditions of the agreement, including paying the rent, as well as being responsible in connection with the other tenants. Therefore, each tenant is responsible for the full amount of the rent or the full costs of any damages, not just their share.