What is Goodlord?

Put simply, Goodlord is an online system we use designed to carry out Referencing and digitally sign tenancy agreements helping to reduce the amount of time and administration involved in creating our tenancies.

  • Our landlords benefit from regular notifications through each step of the referencing and tenancy creation stages. When the contract is ready, they can sign wherever they are.
  • Prospective tenants benefit by completing the referencing and tenancy documentation at times to suit them. With no paper forms to complete, it makes moving easy and straightforward. 
  • We the Agent benefit by being able to focus our time and energy on our clients needs, rather than time consuming administrative tasks. 

As one of the early adopters of Goodlord, our clients were some of the first to benefit from this system.

What's the advantage?

Digitally Signing a Tenancy Agreement

Digitally Signing a Tenancy Agreement

Quite a bit actually! With creating new tenancies, there's a lot to get right first time so by having an integrated system that handles payments, referencing and document creation is fantastic for everyone.

Our landlords and prospective tenants can log into the system at times to suit them to complete the stages of the tenancy required. Goodlord's e-signing platform is one of the world's most secure and in some cases, we're able to go from offer stage through to check-in in just 48 hours. 


They do Referencing?

Absolutely. Goodlord is not an agent themselves, they are an online system and third party referencing company. By outsourcing the referencing to a 3rd party, we're able to separate ourselves from the tenants we find. We then present these findings independently to landlords giving them extra confidence that the tenants we find are suitable and verified. 

Sounds Fancy. What do I need to do?

We only use Goodlord for creating tenancies which may include renewals, so the only time you'll use the system is then. All you need to do is check your email inbox for an email and follow the onscreen instructions. The first time you use Goodlord, you'll be asked to create a password. Please keep this safe! You'll need this password each time you need to access the system again in future, and it helps keep everything nice and protected.