The Best Care and Protection for Your Property.

In the old days, if a tenant needed to report a maintance issue, they would need to call the agent during normally office hours, otherwise their options were either to leave a voicemail or compose an email when they had the time.

For most agents, this is still how they continue to handle inbound maintenance reports. However there are several reasons why this isn't as efficient as it should be:

  • Most people find it easier to report issues when they are home, which is often outside of normal working hours
  • This leads some issues going unreported
  • There's no clear audit trail of when issues were first reported
  • Some tenants may claim issues have gone unresolved
  • If an email is sent, often all the information needed about the issue isn't included.

The third point is especially important with legislation for issuing section 21 notices (to learn more click here). On some check outs where damage has occurred, it's quite common to hear, "oh that? I reported that ages ago and nothing was done!" Or, "I've been without hot water for 3 days now, I need this sorting now!" via a first time phone call at 5:30pm on a Friday afternoon.

These issues don't happen with us.

We have invested in a 24/7 online repair reporting system that works around the clock and it's super easy to use. Tenants who click 'report a maintenance issue' on our website are guided through a series of questions so we'll have all the information we need first time. In some cases, there's built in advice on what to do in case of an emergency so your property is better protected. It's even available in 40 languages so nothing gets lost in translation. Once a report has been submitted, tenants even get a receipt by email so they can know for sure its going to be responded to.

 Benefits are our system are:

  • Issues can be reported any time that suits tenants
  • Decrease risk of issues going unreported by tenants
  • A full audit trail of reported issues which are acceptable forms of evidence by The Property Ombudsman and the TDS should you require possession
  • Evidence based system for reporting maintenance issues by way of receipts
  • All details about an issue are reported (tenants can even upload photos)
  • Where English isn't a tenant's first language, a maintenance issue can still be reported.
  • Guides on how to resolve some issues avoiding call out charges
  • We spend less time on the phone so we can be more productive
  • We have one centralised system for all reports so nothing gets lost
  • Super easy to report issues, no user names or passwords to remember.

So that's it! Not really rocket science, but a great tool for protecting your property and keeping your tenants happy.