A Year In Review - 2015

As we say goodbye to 2015, we had a good gossip in the office about what things have changed in the last 12 months. Here's a few milestones and events we'd like to share:

  • Mikey Whitlow joined us as our newest member of staff with primary responsibilities including: carrying out viewings, check ins, check outs, and property inspections. Another pair of hands means we can be even more responsive than before.
  • We redecorated our office space. The lime green walls are no more, instead replaced with dark grey and reclaimed wooden pallets feature wall. We also removed all the filing cabinets and recycled about 1 ton of paper and card. If you haven't already, pop in a see us!
  • We introduced Live Chat to our website so we can speak with our website visitors right away and answer questions immediately. Sometimes you just need a quick answer to a simple question, and this service helps with that.
  • We introduced Goodlord, a better system for creating new tenancies. As this process is all online and puts the control in the hands of our tenants and landlords, we're effectively able to process new tenancies around the clock, day or night keeping landlords informed all the time. 
  • We introduced a feedback system following each viewing. Now, everyone who views a property with us is asked to rate how well they thought we did. How well did we know the property, the area, how professional were we and if we turned up on time. We also publish the results on our site - the result say we're doing pretty darn good!
  • We received a record number of calls with lowest number of missed calls from Rightmove. From the data, that's an incredible 0.2% of calls are unanswered. 

Number of Rightmove Calls

  • We updated our website to include more information about the services we offer, to load quicker, be more responsive and to easily appear in search listings through Google. So far the feedback has been very positive, but we'll continue to evolve it.
  • Reporting maintenance issues is easier than ever before. Now, any maintenance issue can be reported through our site 24/7 providing us with all the details of the issue we need, and providing our tenants with an email notification confirming we have received the job. No more missed reporting! 
  • We had our busiest month on record in July 2015 - July is always a busy period, but we were super excited to create more homes for new tenants than ever before.
  • Finally, we sold our first property! Moving into sales was always something we wanted to move into and is a natural extension of our Lettings business. Today we continue to offer sales to our existing clients for rates far less expensive than a traditional high street store.