Landlords and Sellers: Checking your current marketing performance.

Ever wondered how your property is performing up against other properties on the market? Just how successful is your property advertising in attracting viewers? Here's a quick guide to decoding the figures on your weekly property performance report.

So, after all the discussions about demand, market appeal and recent similar local properties, you've reached a decision about what price point you'd like to market your property. Coupled with all the photos and floor plan your agent has taken, your property is now on the market, together with tens, possibly hundreds of others. Rather than sitting back and hoping for the best, wouldn't it be better if you could find out useful information?

  • How many times has my property been shown in search results?
  • How many people have seen the details of my listing?
  • How much attention is my property getting?

Our Solution

For each property advertised, we send a report to our landlords and sellers each week detailing just how we're doing with the marketing to better understand the level of interest there is, and crucially what we might need to do to be more effective. The report shows the number of times a property was viewed on Rightmove together with the level of enquiries from prospective tenants and buyers. In addition, you can compare the level of interest a property has compared to all the properties we are currently marketing and against our branch average as well. These indicators are ideal for exploring the status of the property versus your local market.

How much interest is your property getting?

The graph shows the number of views your property has received on Rightmove over time. That means the number of visitors who have landed on your property’s full detail page. 

This report gives you an excellent guide to the level of interest your property has received, particularly when compared against other properties’ performance.

Essentially, the more times your property’s full detail page is viewed, the more likely we are to receive an enquiry from a buyer or tenant.

Why does a property’s performance change over time?

When a property is first loaded to Rightmove, it is sent out in alert emails to potential buyers and tenants who are looking in your area. All Rightmove listings tend to see a fall in views after this initial spike, so it’s then about us working with you to generate as many detail views as possible by keeping the advert fresh and regularly checking that its price is in line with the market.

The performance graph highlights any changes we have made to your property listing and the subsequent impact of those changes on the number of people viewing your property’s detail page.

If you have any questions about the marketing of your property, or if you’d like to discuss how we could generate more detail views, please do not hesitate to call us on 01625 836422


Example of Weekly Property Performance Report

Example of Weekly Property Performance Report