Following recent legislation with the Deregulation Act 2015, we have now provided an extra benefit to our Let Only landlords who wish to renew their tenancies themselves. Provided the details of the tenancy haven’t changed, we’re pleased to announce the renewal service will now be FREE.

About 60 days prior to the end of a tenancy, we’ll notify our let only landlords that it’s time to decided what they would like to do. The options would be to either

  • Renew on a fixed term tenancy as before
  • Renew on a Statutory Periodic Basis
  • End the tenancy

To renew the tenancy on another fixed term agreement, our standard charge is £60.00 inc VAT (this charge is included in our managed service). However, if the tenancy is going to roll onto a Statutory Periodic agreement, there will be no charge. You would still need to inform us however if the terms of the agreement have changed such as a change in occupant, or owner or if the rent amount has been altered so we can comply with the terms of our membership with the TDS.

If we don’t get a response from our renewal enquiry from either party, we will assume the tenancy has reverted to a statutory periodic agreement and will write to you to confirm.