Fire Safety Regulations in Rental Properties

As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to protect your tenants from the risk of fire. Below is a guide which will help you to make sure that your property is fully compliant with fire regulations.

Risk Assessments

Fire safety legislation requires that a fire risk assessment is completed which covers all areas of a rental property. The purpose of a fire risk assessment is to identify any potential hazards which could result in a fire, and to outline the steps which will be taken to minimise or remove this risk. Current legislation does not specify a particular type or method of fire assessment which must be used. However, the fire risk assessment you carry out should cover the following points:

  • Identification of hazards such as sources of ignition, fuel, and oxygen
  • Identification of those that would be at risk during a fire
  • Removal of fire hazards
  • Introduction of equipment which can prevent and detect fires

A fire risk assessment isn’t something you should simply do once. You should review the fire risk associated with your rental property on an annual basis.


If your rental property is offered with partial or full furnishing, you will need to consider if the furniture you use meets fire safety regulations. All of the upholstered furnishings you use in your rental property must be made using fire-resistant materials. When purchasing new furniture, you should check that it has a label which says that it complies with the Furniture and Furnishings Act 1988. You must not remove this label once the furniture has been installed in the property. The only upholstered items of furniture which do not need to be made of fire resistant material are vintage pieces which were manufactured before 1950.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

From 1st October 2015, all private landlords have been required to install at least one smoke alarm on each storey of their rental properties. If your rental property has a wood burning stove, or another solid fuel burning appliance such as a coal fire, you must install a carbon monoxide alarm in the same room. At the start of each tenancy, you or an agent should visit the property to check that the smoke alarms are in good working order. You should also make each tenant aware of the fact that they need to carry out regular tests to check that the smoke alarms work.

Because you cannot rely on your tenants to make sure that the batteries in the smoke alarms are charged, you may wish to consider using long-life batteries which have a 10-year lifespan. Another alternative is to install a smoke alarm system which is wired into the mains power supply. Any new build property will require that smoke alarms be connected to each other using a cable or wireless technology so if one smoke alarm is triggered, all of the alarms will sound.

By following the advice outlined above, you can make sure that the tenants in your rental property are safe from the risk of fire.


Tameside, which is located just east of city centre Manchester, is home to the towns of Ashton under Lyne, Denton and Hyde. Tameside was a centre of engineering, cotton, hat making and coal mining during the Industrial Revolution. The borough boasts access to affordable homes, good schools, beautiful countryside and excellent transport links to the centre of Manchester. The average house price in Tameside is just £153,438; that's well below the average across Greater Manchester which stands at £206,734.


Housing Stock

The housing stock in Tameside predominately consists of Victorian terraces, which were originally constructed to house mill workers. However, since the end of WW2, there have also been a number of modern housing estates constructed, which contain attractive semi-detached homes. In the 1970s, larger 3 and 4 bedroom suburban homes also started to appear. In recent years, old mills across Tameside have been converted into luxury apartments. You can expect to pay around £100,000 for a two-bed terraced house in Tameside, with more modern 4 bedroom detached homes in Ashton under Lyne selling from around £200,000. A similar property in a more exclusive area such as Denton will set you back around £400,000.

Transport Links

Tameside is very well connected. Trains from Hyde Central, Ashton under Lyne and Denton will get you to Manchester Victoria in under 30 minutes. If you prefer to take the bus, the 219 will get you from Ashton under Lyne to the centre of Manchester in just under an hour. The Metrolink from Ashton under Lyne can get you to Manchester Airport in under one hour. If you drive, Tameside offers easy access to the M67 and M60 motorways which provide good links to Liverpool, the Peak District and Leeds.

Local Schools

If you have children, you will be pleased to know that Tameside provides excellent educational facilities. The area is home to eight primary and secondary schools which are rated as ‘outstanding’ following recent Ofsted inspections, with St Christopher’s Primary School in Ashton under Lyne receiving particular praise for the quality of its teaching.

Local Amenities

Tameside is a great place to live. Ashton under Lyne, Denton and Hyde are vibrant and energetic towns with local markets, high street shops and small independent retailers. The Ashton Moss entertainment complex located in Ashton under Lyne contains a cinema, restaurants and a bowling alley. In Hyde, you'll find the Hyde Leisure Pool which offers water-based fun for all the family, including a swimming pool, wave machine and water slides. Ashton under Lyne has its own amateur rugby, cricket and football teams. The stunning countryside of the Peak District is just a short journey away; here, you can enjoy long walks, camping, horse riding and cycling. If all of that makes you hungry, you can visit one of the many local restaurants which offer Italian, Indian and Thai dishes.

If you're looking for an affordable place to live, which has excellent links to Manchester city centre and to the countryside, Tameside could be the place for you.


Nestled on the border between Manchester and Cheshire, the charming town of Wilmslow is known for its famous residents, who include premier league footballers and pop stars. The area is also popular with professionals who work in Manchester, but who wish to live in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. The exclusive nature of Wilmslow is, of course, reflected in its property prices. According to Zoopla, the average property price in Wilmslow is £402,257, which is double the average price of £206,734 in Greater Manchester.


Housing Stock

The older streets in Wilmslow are home to some charming Edwardian and Victorian properties which tend to fetch a premium price. In the 1960s and 70s, a number of modern houses were built on the edge of the town, and these often include swimming pools, home cinemas and other luxury features. However, if you are looking for something a little more low key, there are modern family homes and smaller ‘cottage’ terraces which are perfect for first time buyers.

Transport Links

Good transport links have helped to make Wilmslow a very desirable location. Wilmslow is located close to the M60 and M56 motorways, which provide easy access to Manchester, the Lake District and Birmingham. The town is also located just a couple of miles from Manchester Airport, which reduces travel time if you need to take a domestic or international flight. From the train station in Wilmslow, you can reach city centre Manchester in 25 minutes. The frequent trains to London take just 2 hours, which makes it possible to commute to and from the capital on the same day.

Local Schools

Wilmslow is home to some of the best schools in Cheshire. For example, the independent Pownall Hall School, which accepts pupils aged between 4 and 11, is rated ‘excellent’ by Ofsted inspectors. Wilmslow High School, which offers secondary and sixth form education is rated as ‘good’ following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Local Amenities

Wilmslow is home to a bustling shopping street and larger department stores outside the town itself. It's populated with high street chains such as Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and John Lewis. Shoppers can also make the most of many small independent retailers who sell a wide range of wares. When it comes to eating out, Wilmslow offers cuisine from around the world, with Chinese, Greek, Italian, Argentinian, Japanese and Indian restaurants located in the town centre and the surrounding area. The cultural delights on offer at the Bridgewater Hall, Royal Exchange Theatre, and the Lowry Centre at Salford Quays are less than an hour away by train or bus. 

When you want to take some time out to recharge your batteries, Wilmslow places you on the doorstep of the beautiful Peak District National Park. Local events include the RHS Flower Show, which is held annually at nearby Tatton Park, and live music at the spectacular Jodrell Bank radio telescope.

If you want to buy a property in an exclusive location which has fantastic transport links and local amenities, the town of Wilmslow is the perfect place to start your search.